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Thank you!

I've been a pretty dedicated event bandleader for almost six years now, and I have relished every minute of it! Thank you, Jeff Stitely, for pulling me into the fray, and thank you Chris Sarlas and Jeff for supporting me so intensely, providing charts, friendship, and endless advice while I developed my amazing band.

I've never wanted to not "job" or not lead a band, however I am going to be taking some wee time time off (six months) to focus on grad school, write original music, raise a wayard teenager, and develop STORY JAM.

I work with the BEST BEST BEST players in Chicago in my event band. They are incredible! Samotta, Doopy and I have our rhythms, our dance moves, our hearts and souls in sync, and we love each other so deeply. Our additional male singers–mostly Jerome, Emanuel and KC–are always brilliant and fun, and blend in with the core "team". 

With Chris Miskel or Kevin Brunson (drums) and Lamar Jones (bass) behind us, we are an unstoppable musical force. It took me awhile to lock the whole rhythm section into place, and I couldn't ask for more groove and energy from these master musicians!

Scott Tipping on guitar is a gentleman and a talent, and with his humor a great attitude, he's a wonderful guy to have on the bandstand. He and Josh Cooper (keys) possess a musical understanding and flexibility that is rare and lovely. Josh, who is an astoundingly professional musician (he learns the heck out of his material, and he shows up early and ready) is the latest recruit and he is a true gem.

John Bowes (sax) and I have worked together since 1996 and I love him like a brother. I also love his phenomenal playing, his great attitude and his sweet backup vox. 

Playing for someone's wedding is kind of a spiritual experience. If I'm lucky enough to witness the actual wedding of a client, I feel uplifted by a sense of magic in the room, which pervades the entire reception. Sometimes I sneak a peak at the ceremony from the back of the room–with the event planners, venue managers, staff–and I always enjoy the sanctity of it all. We all feel it. There is nothing like a wedding. It's been an honor to provide music for so many.

Clients past and future, thank you for giving us the chance to participate in the joy and beauty that is performing live music for your special events! It is a profound privilege to play for the wonderful couples, companies and organizations who have hired us these past six years. I look forward to many more years as a bandleader, re-starting in the summer of '16.

With love and admiration, Steph :)

P.S. I have re-vamped my websites - HIPCHICK, HIPCHICK FACEBOOK PAGE, SRB FACEBOOK PAGE, REVERBNATION - and my blogs (including this Musings and THE ARTFUL PARTY). Please check in with me from time to time and say hello or come see us at a STORY JAM