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Inspiration vs. Procreation

It's nearly impossible to put off mom-ness for a rare creative moment. Balancing the two is a constant challenge, yet carving out stolen moments for writing/working is essential to keeping the creative juices flowing. My brain is in songwriter mode right now and when I'm in this state, home duties can really fall by the wayside. However, when the duty involves a live human being, one cannot just hang out all night drinking whisky while dishes pile up and bills remain unpaid (kiss those days goodbye!). I am forever conflicted by my need to be a kickass mom and my need to follow the creative urge.
So just the other night I couldn't get a song idea out of my head. I tried recording it on my iphone (using "Recorder," an amazing invention!) so I could go back to it later, but I just COULDN'T make the noise in my head go away and I was deeply entrenched in "artistic space." The chorus and the verses were starting to mentally line up - I was on a inspired r…