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Transitioning From Sweetness To Bossiness

I have been a business owner for almost three years, which is why I am now an expert on How To Go From Being A Relatively Affable Person Into Being A Big Mean Boss.

I find so much about my new life as a full-time bandleader (and still singer-songwriter) exhilarating-the networking, the musicians, the constant challenge of learning new material, the meetings, the organizing and planning.... But I will admit that I stiffen, solidify and panic when things go awry!

Okay maybe they don't go AWRY, and maybe I don't STIFFEN, but there are occasional surprises in terms of being a bossy-pants. Having taken, um, NONE classes in Personnel Management at theatre school (oh, why did I choose "The Movement and Physique of Opposable-Thumbed Primates" instead of "How To Run a Small Business?"), I am wont to refer to self-help advice gleaned from the internets. 

Lucky you, you get the benefit of my gleanings!

1. Developing Employee Bonding

Lots of businesses plan company trips and rewards events for top-tier employees, but musicians are inspired and aligned by such things as: CASH TIPS, LIVE BOOTLEG RECORDINGS of John Coltrane and NEARBY TAVERNS. Reward your people with what makes them most happy!
2. Firing People

"Fire Fast, hire slowly" so they say. When you let someone go in the corporate sector, you might say something like: "Your deliverables on our latest project did not meet company standards" or..."We're looking for new ways to meet our objectives." In music/jobbing lingo, this becomes: "I'm sorry dude, but you sucked on that Adele tune!"  

3. Motivating Your Employees

In the corporate realm, garnishing your office with "Wooden Praise," such as plaques and awards might work well, but in the world of event music, a mere thumbs up at the end of a solo has just the same effect. Musicians, who are utterly accustomed to seeing their amazing playing go mostly unnoticed, will be thrilled that you caught their modest, multi-modal moment of brilliance.

I admit, it is not always easy going from being a happily hired gun to being big-mama-boss-lady, but the rewards far outweigh the pangs of management and I get to have client meetings like the one I had yesterday, in which the awesomely cool couple told me they hired me because they loved my band and I was the only "genuine" bandleader they had met. It is so fabulous to have such nice clients, and the fellas (and gal) and I are excited beyond words (and supremely privileged) to make sure their weddings are UTTERLY AMAZEBALLS musically. When it comes to music, HEART OVER SMART! We may not have MBAs, but we are genuine baby!!!!