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Transitioning From Sweetness To Bossiness

I have been a business owner for almost three years, which is why I am now an expert on How To Go From Being A Relatively Affable Person Into Being A Big Mean Boss.
I find so much about my new life as a full-time bandleader (and still singer-songwriter) enthralling - the networking, the musicians, the constant challenge of learning new material, the meetings, the organizing and planning....but I will admit that I stiffen, solidify and panic when things go awry!

Okay maybe they don't go AWRY, and maybe I don't STIFFEN, but there are occasional surprises in terms of being a bossy-pants. Having taken, um, NONE classes in Personnel Management at theatre school (oh, why did I choose "The Movement and Physique of Opposable-Thumbed Primates" instead of "How To Own a Corporation?"), I am wont to refer to self-help advice gleaned from the internets. 

Lucky you, you get the benefit of my gleanings!

1. Developing Employee Bonding
Lots of businesses plan company trips and r…