Musings of a rock mom rebel


Night Club vs. Country Club

Right now I am prepping for tonight's Story Jam gig. I haven't had a public performance in over two months, because of wedding season (which, for me, will have occurred this year mostly from May until October). 

It feels like I'm two different people: one person is putting together event music, organizing the band, planning the heck out of each event in a most thorough, detail-driven, almost-maddening (acc. to my hubby) fashion; the other is a rocker chick who can let things roll!

It's the nature of my two jobs. Playing pop rock in a night club is not playing pop rock in a country club. In the night club, my hair is purple, my jeans are skinny and I am chill. In the country club, I am buttoned up, sober, prepared and alert (until I start dancing wildly with the crowd).

Traversing these two worlds makes things pretty darn fun. I wouldn't love either one as much without the other, and I love them both equally. But tonight, after a few months of weddings and private parties, I am donning my relaxed self and playing originals at The Rock House in Wilmette with Tom McCarthy, Paul Merar and Kalyan Pathak. I guess I better get crackin' - can't let "chill" me turn into "lazy" me!