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Orchestral Highs

Okay, okay, I do write songs and sing in dive bars, but quite often, I am a "jobber." In Chicago, jobbing means you are hired by bands or orchestras to play parties, fundraisers, weddings, and other fancy affairs. In New York, apparently it's called "playing clubs" or "clubbing," assumingly named for the country club circuit. In Los Angeles, they play "casuals." It's all the same thing, however I am told that in NY and LA, "jobbing" (or "clubbing" or doing "casuals") is completely UNKEWL. However, in Chicago, the BEST MUSICIANS job (verb form of "jobbing"). And believe it or not, you may often find yourself playing cheesy wedding music, but with a hot band and good arrangements, this can be extremely fun.

Fun was the case last week, when I rocked it with The Chris Sarlas Orchestra.

First and foremost, Chris is a very classy guy who is endlessly grateful to have such an awesome band. The band - Tom Le…


Stevie Nicks wouldn't make it on Chicago's north shore. She wouldn't have many witchy friends and she'd feel imprisoned listening to perpetual kid-centric conversations. Being childless and witchy, Stevie would, I'm sure, collapse into extreme depression here.
But I am not wilting (wait, did I just compare myself to Stevie Nicks?)! As a child-bearing singer-chick who lives in a peaceful family community, I am enjoying the juxtaposition of being a soccer-mom and rocker. I guess the comfort of having grown up around here helps, sure, but I am digging being kinda different (though I'm probably not actually that different, as my sales guy husband loves to remind me...and I certainly seem to become less and less unique as I age!).

Anyway, who is Stevie Nicks if not different?
It does take some effort to be different-yet-sorta-sameish here though. I'll address my wardrobe:

Upon first glance, I think I may have to either eradicate or spice up all my North Face/Patago…

background set up

well, i've done it. i've become yet another at-home-mom music chick who blogs. if it weren't for e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y cranking out this tawdry tune, i would have snuck quietly under the radar, humming along time (i have blogged since 1999, see musings). but, i've now given in. i have a "mom blog." sheesh. 
quick set-up for those who are new to my muse.  this is where i started. all naive and intent, a student in boston. the floppy sweater and careless hair give me away as a theatre major. what you don't see are a very practiced lauren bacall smolder and the myriad hippy jewelry.

i spent one year at the dramatic school for the arts at bu. it was a really really fun time, with highlights being flirting in the student lounge between cigarette drags and rolling around on the floor every day in acting class - you're a snake! you're a mammal! i wasn't lonely. i was surrounded by about 80 other like-minded nut cases* (*people who pay tens of thousands of d…