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Sound Bites

I was worried. I know...I've been performing for awhile now (last year marked my 20th year of being in rock bands), but still, sometimes I get that panic-in-the-gut feeling.

The panicky feeling I get now isn't related to nerves - I did used to get very nervous performing before a crowd - no, it is more related to the details of the gig. Will the sound be ok? Will I remember the chords if I'm playing piano or guitar? Will I be able to engage the audience while looking at the fret board? Did I practice enough?

When I sing at someone's wedding, the only two things I fret over are: 1. How is my monitor mix? and 2. What does the band think of my performance? I KNOW I can make a crowd happy at any party or wedding. It's not hard. With great musicians, good song choices and a really professional band leader, any jobbing band can rock it. Rocking it is a given in the high-caliber bands and orchestras, so sometimes the ones who take notice of your golden (or not so golden) m…