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STORY JAM 9.17-1

Check out the video from Story Jam 9.17 below!

Featured Student

I am the featured student in my grad program's newsletter this month! Thank you, Andrea Diaz and NLU!

Q: When did you begin the MSWC program at National Louis University?

I am on the slow train in this program! I started two years ago, and I’m only halfway through.

Q: What have been some of your favorite classes?

I loved “Women’s Lives Into Literature” and “Advanced Expository Writing,” both with Dr. Koch, and I got a lot out of “Online Publishing” and "Editing For Publication.” All of my classes have been excellent! I am learning so much in this program.

I'm currently taking “Young Adult Fiction,” with the extraordinary Laurie Lawlor. It’s definitely not a comfortable genre for me, but I love Laurie, the challenge of writing fiction, and all the cool, imaginative ideas my fellow students bring to class each week.

Q: What is your professional/musical background?

I was a theatre major in undergrad, and even after spending time acting in LA and Chicago, I kept coming around to mu…