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Toot Toot


Yikes Gal! Do you believe this? I have been transformed into "serious band leader" through aligning my band with an organization called STITELY ENTERTAINMENT. Run by Jeff Stitely, a most excellent dude, the company represents a group of high-level party bands in Chicago. They have an office in Evanston and have been on the scene for over a decade. I've worked for them as a singer a bunch and now they are enlisting my band to be one of four in their roster.

Ah, how these people are sitrring up my world of contentment and ennui!!! 

Of course, I've been a willing bandleader at parties for many years, but I've only provided music for people I know - or for people who've been referred to me by people I know - and I've never actually promoted myself as Miss Party Band Thang before. Yet, when I met with Jeff Stitely and his posse a few months ago to discuss the prospect of working with them, I felt that I was finally ready to take it awn and…