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My new cd

I wanted to find an organic, folky, pure sound for my third cd, Daisy Petal in the Dirt.  No fancy tricks! I had always admired a band in Chicago called Sons of The Neverwrong. I love their vibe, their music, their live show. And as I was once a rocker chick, the thought of recording it folk & roots like the Sons seemed pretty enthralling. You can’t get away with anything when you’re in the raw, a girl and a piano.
In July of 2009, I went to Sons’ producer/writer/guitarist/singer Bruce Roper’s studio pad on the north side and began laying down scratch piano and vocal tracks for 15 tunes. It took several months just to get those done because I was stealing hours during the day from my mom and jobbing band duties and I happened to be intensely loaded up, schedule-wise. But, it was worth the time because in all my mistakes and re-dos, we nailed down tempos and keys pretty well and had a decent enough basis for the rest of the musicians. I especially loved Bruce’s microphone, an Audio …


I'm probably no hot studio singer. The process of recording tends to stress me out. Directing the emotion of a big song into a small metal tube is a challenge to this live-lovin' performer. But, I'm making a record (yes, they're called records), so I gotta record. In a studio. This time, I opted to do it in Nashville.

So, seated next to an inebriated ex-Marine with gold teeth and billowy muscles, I amble down in a rickety ol' can of tin (thanks, American Eagle) and hightail it to Neilson. Neilson is a Mississippi fella, a touring musician, a no-kidding producer with a vibey studio in east Nashville.

Indie Wed

I was really thrilled to be an attendee at Indie Wed last weekend. Indie wed is a wedding show event that caters to unique, hip, conscious couples. I met lots of amazing people who are raising the eco-friendly bar in their floral, stationary, catering, photography, video and jewelry businesses. I also saw some great re-purposing of gorgeous wedding accoutrements and some incredibly creative green and vintage companies. I loved the inspiration and vibe. There were a couple DJs and a smattering of individual musicians (a string quartet, a guitarist, a harpist), but no band representation.This event made me really think about how I can incorporate best green practices into my work in the band. While we do use electricity and cars to lug gear, we rarely print our promo materials (we use email and pdfs a lot!). I also try to buy previously owned gear and I donate a portion of our proceeds to great organizations like Donors Choose, Kiva and the Lemonaid Fund in Sierra Leone. I'd love to…