The Wedding Temptress

Hello Wedding Season

I think I'm ready. I love this planning phase. I can almost see each wedding before it happens, as I make set lists and laminate printed sheets of bridal party names (with phonetic spellings of course). I picture the guests in chic, bright colors; a stunning bride in an adorable up do - with whom I have been meeting and planning all these months - and cherubic, carefree children bouncing about the bandstand. I imagine them all becoming increasingly sweaty and silly as the evening progresses, because of music we select. I am visualizing each room, each family I've come to know, the personalities, the goals we made materializing into this beautiful, perfect day...
I think there is a fine line between craving excellence and taking things too far. Sometimes during this time of year, I wake up worrying over some detail for an event that is due to occur weeks or months from now. I need to find the balance of caring a LOT, and perhaps caring too much...and losing sleep! I enjoy all of this wayyyy more than I ever planned, much more than probably necessary. 

And I told friends I'd do this until my "real job" happened. But I can't quit her, that sultry wedding band temptress. Her siren song is a medley of 80s pop and current dance hits, and I am foundered by her call.


bam said…
sweetheart, i want "WONDERFUL" to be one of the choices. you made me get all teary. i love that you care so much. i love that you see the love in each wedding, and "the narrative." when i was a kid, i used to ride my bike to church on saturday afternoons sometimes, just to sit in the back and watch weddings of folks i didn't know. guess i've been a sucker for a great love story my whole life long. and you get to make the magic happen. aren't you blessed? no, aren't THEY blessed! the answer: an emphatic yes. big hugs and kisses. xoxox

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